“Several years ago, after completing my eye examination, my eye doctor said that I have Macular Degeneration. He indicated that at my advanced age, I could expect it to progress and eventually result in blindness. This was a depressing experience. But, he also said it may be slowed down by using a special eye vitamin with Lutein in it. The eye condition continued to worsen. After a couple of years, I learned about VisionPlus. I agreed to give it a try, and much to my surprise, my macular degeneration has slowed remarkably. My eye doctor was elated and suggested I continue with my present program. In order to hold on to the great progress in controlling this degeneration, I am now taking VisionPlus every day. I would wholeheartedly recommend these vitamins.” – Dr. F

“I’m a Type I Diabetic, and have had issues with my eyes since I was a young boy. My doctors have always recommended I supplement with an eye vitamin containing Lutein, but I’ve never found anything that works as well as VisionPlus in helping me combat my constant eye issues. I also like that it serves as my multivitamin. I only have to take VisionPlus and I get all the daily support that I need. I highly recommend VisionPlus.” – Jon

“I have been using Vision Plus for just a few months and have noticed a significant enhancement to my vision. I am now able to read messages on my cell phone that previously required magnifying glasses. Also, I can now see the words to read books without glasses. The only change I have made for my eyes is to take Vision Plus and it works. ” -Brad